Clear Language is the sound of two friends transmitting unfettered meaning in a milieu choked by double-speak at every turn. Co-produced and engineered by David Boyle in Austin's Church House Studios, Clear Language finds the duo returning to the simplicity of their roots. They eschewed complexity for complexity s sake, allowing a watery, sand-hued mood to settle over their use of analog synthesizers, piano, vibraphone, electric and bass guitar, violin, viola, field recordings, and, for the first time in the band's history, trumpet, performed by Tedeschi Trucks' Ephraim Owens. A relaxed, clear-eyed sense of reflection flows gracefully through the album as these two old friends transmit unfettered meaning through simple sonic gestures that resonate with the cosmos as much as they echo the pulse of a human heart. In a culture dominated by the loudest, ostentatious voices, Lowe and Muller continue to prove the power and importance of restraint and minimalism.

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Deluxe Hand Numbered White Vinyl with Poster




  • 01 Clear Language 3:13
  • 02 Sky Could Undress 4:08
  • 03 Dreamt 3:59
  • 04 Slow Stone 6:36
  • 05 Ecco 2:15
  • 06 Behind The World 4:07
  • 07 Waiting Itself 3:35
  • 08 55 3:52
  • 09 All Flowers 2:23
  • 10 First Light 3:45

Balmorhea - Clear Language (Deluxe White Vinyl) WV150

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