Following up on the massive worldwide success of their debut album 55, Bacao Rhythm & Steel band is back with another heavy duty offering. Picking up where they left off and incorporating a ton of new recording techniques they take a huge step forward with The Serpent’s Mouth. Named after the eight-mile strait between the island of Trinidad and the coast of Venezuela, The Serpent’s Mouth is a journey through both originals and covers, combining classic elements that wide-eared music fans already know, and mashing them up in new and unique ways




    • A1. XXPlosive
    • A2. Touchdown
    • A3. Burn
    • A4. Real Hot
    • A5. Hoola Hoop
    • A6. Crockett Theme
    • B1. 1 Thing
    • B2. Bocas Del Dragon
    • B3. Maracas Bay Boogie
    • B4. Bushfire
    • B5. I Love You
    • B6. The Serpent's Mouth

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - The Serpent’s Mouth (Vinyl) BC055LP